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California Employment Law

The California Employment Law Training Center, a division of Braverman Mediation & Consulting, focuses on litigation prevention. Training and Development is one of our most sought after services as our training courses are customized to be up to date, interactive, and relevant to the issues facing employees and employers in a competitive work environment. Our goal is to help keep business owners, of any size company, in legal compliance and out of legal trouble. We can deliver training in person, by webinar and/or by Skype.


  • Risk management/human resources evaluation to ensure compliance
  • Advice and counsel for individuals, businesses and non profits
  • On call and On site human resource consulting for all businesses, non profits
  • Training and Development on all California employment law topics, such as Sexual Harassment Prevention and Management Boot camp
  • We work with both employers and employees covering:
  • California unemployment appeals
  • California wage/hour issues
  • California Sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation claims and prevention tactics
  • California Administrative hearings (DIR, EEOC, DFEH, OSHA)
  • We help negotiate severance agreements, labor disputes, contractual issues and administrative claims.
  • We train human resource professionals and managers with an eye towards litigation and claim prevention

Our training courses are customized for each area of business plus we offer a huge selection of management courses. Choose the area that’s most compatible with you and your company or let us know if we can design a training to fit your specific need. Or simply contact us for immediate assistance.

Sexual Harassment Training Employment Law Boot Camp for Managers 2018 Employment Law Updating Training
Mondays 2 – 4pm
Contact us for Pricing & ScheduleSexual harassment training isn’t for everyone. But, it is mandatory for employers with 50 or more employees every two years for two hours. It is also a smart choice for high risk industries regardless of employee base. If you are an owner or manager in a consumer direct business, take a moment to review industry trends in litigation. Calculate your risk and register today.

  • Interactive training with others drives retention versus passive online training.
  • Preventive action manages risk and assists in minimizing claims. Support zero tolerance.
  • Stay in compliance and out of trouble.
  • Training includes: live discussion, Power Point, handouts, video, role plays, real life case studies, and certificate of completion.
  • If you have less than 50 employees but they are trained properly, the training can be used as an affirmative defense if sued by an employee for Sexual Harassment. All companies need these policies and procedures.

    Wednesdays 12 – 4pm
    Contact us for Pricing & SchedulePlaying inside the lines of employment law is easier with direct line of sight. Whether leading troops or the front line of customer service, carrying out the Federal and California employment laws are imperative for leaders. Managers, supervisors and human resource generalists are a source of knowledge and guidance in operating within employment laws. Boot camp training provides the tools to manage day to day performance without fear of violating employment laws.

  • Overview and framework to understand Federal and California Employment Laws
  • Eliminate fear of violations of employment laws
  • Instruct in the proper way to document performance/management issues
  • Establish foundation of information for ALL new managers/supervisors/HR generalists
  • This course is essential for out-of-state business operations with California-branch facilities.

    Fridays 12 – 2pm
    Contact us for Pricing & ScheduleStrategic planning, budget forecasts, and performance reviews all ring true to year-end preparation. WIth the New Year and end-year brings new legislation deadlines. Proactive preparation for new employment law can be a cost saving measure for your company and your budget. Join us today to structure your employment law implementation plan.

  • Advance notice of upcoming and anticipated new employment laws, Federal and State of CA
  • Review current legislation pending, new edits/amendments, and laws anticipated to be in effect with recent case law discussed
  • Gives HR/CEO level enough advance notice to amend handbooks, obtain new posters, new information and stay current
  • Roundtable discussion on ways to implement the new laws
  • This course is essential for both in and out-of-state business operations.

    California Employment Lawyer

    “Jessica Braverman’s “Harassment Prevention Training” was one of the best classes that I have attended. It was not only informative, but presented in such a manner that the whole group was brought into the discussions. As Ironworkers, when we attend these mandatory classes we normally bring an attitude, show very little interest and seldom participate. Jessica not only had the Ironworkers discussing the class material, but the following day at work, they were still talking about the training in a positive way. The energy and passion that Jessica brought into the classroom, along with her knowledge, were the contributing factors in making this a very positive and successful class for us. Because of this class I feel confident that as a group we are better prepared to deal with any harassment type situations that might arise.”

    Harlow NewtonIronworker & Safety Supervisor Danny’s Construction

    “After months of our staff trying to deal with an ongoing situation that was disrupting our workplace, we requested that Senior Management bring in a mediator to help us find a way toward resolution. Over a month’s time, Jessica Braverman met with us on a weekly basis to help us work through the issues that were negatively affecting both our professional and personal lives. With her guidance, we were able to restore relationships that had seemed to be irreparable and to move forward from those that were beyond repair. In addition, Jessica helped the group define our expectations, boundaries, and goals which has enabled us to achieve a much more amiable and productive working environment. Jessica was instrumental in our conflict resolution process, were it not for her intervention I doubt that our group’s outcome would have been as favorable as it has been.”

    K. Paige GriffinRN, MSN, FNP Occupational Medicine Sutter Regional Medical Foundation

    “Jessica very quickly grasped my employment circumstances and advised me on essential points to include in a contract with my employer. She is very straight-forward and cuts to the heart of the issues being discussed. Given that ‘time is money’ I appreciate her direct approach that resulted in a contract amenable to both parties. I highly recommend Jessica to any one, particularly anyone wondering if a contract is even necessary.”

    Pat MaloneMortgage Industry, Walnut Creek, CA

    “Jessica Braverman did a fantastic job with her Conflict Management Training held at Sutter Medical. The group was thoroughly engaged by her presentation and they even applauded her when she was done. Two attendees expressed that Jessica’s training was the best training meeting that they had ever attended. Jessica is really outstanding and I highly recommend her.”

    Rhea JohnsonCorporate & Community Relations University of Phoenix, Sacramento Valley Campus December 2006
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